So you want to be a judge?

This is a very rewarding part of being involved and caring about a breed, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility.

To become a judge the AHA asks that you attend 3 approved breed lectures, followed by an exam. These can be with any Afghan Hound breed club.

You will also need to take the relevant Kennel Club lectures and exams. Once you have passed your exams and fulfilled the criteria you can apply to go onto our judging list.

We also invite overseas judges who are already approved within their own country or have awarded the equivalent of the UK’s Challenge Certificates (CCs) to join our overseas judges list.

Application forms and judges list criteria are available to download below.

Judging forms

Multi Choice Breed Exam

Judging Criteria

In order to comply with GDPR the AHA’s current judging lists can be obtained by contacting the AHA Secretary