Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds are sight hounds originating from Afghanistan, they hunt by sight. In the UK Afghan Hounds belong to the Hound Group, while under FCI rules they are placed in Group X (Sighthounds). 

They have distinctive characteristics and features which make them unique. Their instinct is to chase and catch anything that is running. In their native country they were used to hunt antelope and gazelle and even snow leopards. They have very good vision, strong jaws. They have lean muscular bodies, a deep chest to house their lungs, and long powerful legs. In their native country their thick coat protected them against extreme cold of the upper snow regions, but equally shielded them from the sun in the desert areas. 

Afghan Hounds in many different colours – gold, white, cream, silver, blue, black, black and tan, and brindle mixtures of colours. The coat is long, thick, silky and has a fine texture. It requires a lot of attention and regular grooming to keep the dog free from mats and tangles. 

Afghan Hounds are large dogs. When fully grown, a dog’s height is between 27 and 29 inches to the shoulder, and bitches are smaller at 25 to 27 inches. They can weigh around 30 kilos.

As pets, Afghan Hounds are very affectionate. They are aloof, dignified, affectionate, and sensitive but can also act the clown. Afghans need training and firm control to keep their instinctive habits in check. These dogs are very independent characters, and will do what they want to, and not be your slave. This often gives them the reputation of being dumb, but this is not so. They can be highly intelligent and are independent thinkers. However, some have been trained for obedience work. 

Afghan Hounds require space to exercise. They have high stamina levels and need daily walks. They can easily jump high fences or even dig their way under them. Running free may be a problem unless you can find a completely enclosed and well-fenced area.