Afghan Hound Association

The objectives of the Afghan Hound Association are:

(a) to promote the breeding of the Afghan Hound as set out by the ‘Standard of Points’.

(b) to hold shows and to protect and advance the interests of this breed by exhibiting and guaranteeing classes at shows held under Kennel Club rules.

(c) to adopt and publish a ‘standard of Points’ as herein stated.

(d) to do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed.

(e) to keep a register of all Champions made each year.

(f) to provide guidance, regulation and overall supervision of Afghan Hound Racing in the UK. (The Powers of delegation of authority contained in Rule 8 shall apply to Afghan Hound Racing). However, when Afghan Hound Racing involves competition between teams from more than one Track, the Committee shall be responsible for appointing referee and stewards to adjudicate.