A unique collection of documents and artefacts from the earliest days of the Afghan Hound in the UK to the present day.

The AHA is most fortunate in owning a very extensive and valuable archive collection of the breed from the earliest imports to the UK. Much of this collection was carefully organised into three Albums by Ann Adams during her time as secretary of the AHA. Heather Bunney succeeded Ann as archivist and has continued to look after the existing material and to extend the collection. Many afghan hound enthusiasts may have seen the archive but with the help and encouragement of David Paton and Jan Fielder we are now in a position to add some of this material to our website. 

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The AHA Record of UK Champions

Ann Adams, together with her husband Ron, also decided to begin a record of 4 generation pedigrees of UK Champions and this has been maintained to the present day. A photographic record of the early Champions is now available below. All images are held in the AHA archives.

UK CHAMPIONS 1927 – 1931 Photofile

UK CHAMPIONS 1932 – 1936 Photofile

UK CHAMPIONS 1937- 1939 Photofile

UK CHAMPIONS 1947- 1949 Photofile

UK CHAMPIONS 1950- 1951 Photofile

UK CHAMPIONS 1952- 1953 Photofile

UK CHAMPIONS 1954- 1955 Photofile

UK CHAMPIONS 1956- 1957 Photofile