Despite popular belief, with the correct approach and dedication, Afghan Hounds are trainable in many disciplines, including agility. 

Agility is a performance teamwork sport for dog and handler. In a race against the clock the dog negotiates a course of obstacles off-leash, with the handler running alongside giving instruction and encouragement. Although speed is important, accuracy and precision in doing the obstacles is top priority and the sport requires both good team work and a level of independence from the dog and handler. Moreover agility is fun for everyone involved. Dogs enjoy the speed and freedom, and gain confidence in their abilities as they learn to jump, climb or crawl through agility obstacles. Handlers enjoy the increased bond with the dog as they spend quality time together working out the challenges of the obstacles. Agility strengthens the bond between dogs and handlers, it is fun, and it provides vigorous exercise for both. 

On this page you will find pictures of Afghans showing that anything is possible with an Affie! All these hounds have achieved high enough level to compete, win clear rounds and even get placed at agility shows.