There are many ways to own an Afghan Hound, or, rather, to be owned by one. One of the most rewarding ones is to take one that has fallen on hard times. This noble, elegant and independent breed is like no other in so many ways, but in one way all dogs are the same – each deserves to be loved, cared for and to have an adoring family to call their own. You will be repaid a thousand times over with the love of the hound that is destined to be yours.

If you feel you are a special person or family that could offer a home to a rescue Afghan Hound, that you have the patience and dedication to share your world with one, then please get in touch with our Rescue Officer to have your name on the waiting list.

Please note

Each regional club operates it’s own rescue section and officers. Both they and we have a strict criteria for the acceptance of potential adopters to ensure each that hound is placed in a suitable home. All decisions made by these clubs are final and the AHA will not enter into discussion on any matter arising from another clubs policies or requirements.

The AHA rescue officer is Emma James, email address is