What is lure coursing?

Lure coursing takes place within a large, well fenced field and uses an electrically powered motor to pull a plastic bag lure round a series of pulleys to simulate prey running at speed in a zigzag pattern. The lure is driven at a speed which is appropriate to the breed of dog. At the present time Afghan Hounds are one of the top breeds taking part in lure coursing in Britain and are also well represented on the Continents of Europe and North America. A typical course length is between 400 and 500 metres, according to conditions, and starting and finishing at the same point. 

Who can take part?

Winston Lee lure coursing

Any KC registered sighthound may take part (including rescued dogs where papers may not be available). There are many breeds which are part of the sighthound subgroup and these include Afghan Hounds, Basenjis, Salukis, Whippets and Wolfhounds. The minimum age for competition is 12 months although puppies may take part in trials, or fun runs, over part of the course if they are suitably fit.

Why should I run my Afghan Hound?

Sighthounds are designed for chasing quarry that is fast and agile. Lure coursing is one the few ways that an afghan can use the speed and turning power that is derived from its correct conformation. You will enjoy seeing your hound try to catch the lure and your afghan will almost certainly enjoy it (there are a very few who refuse to chase the lure). Although the original idea of lure coursing was to give the dogs some fun, there is a strong competition side to the sport under BSFA rules, where hounds compete in age classes for Best of Breed (BOB) and Best in Field (BiF) awards. BSFA awards titles of Lure Courser of Merit (LCM), Grand Lure Courser of Merit (GLCM) and Supreme Lure Courser of Merit (SLCM) to hounds gaining required number of points and BOB awards. 

Where and when is lure coursing held?

There are normally 8 events organised by BSFA each year which take place on the practice Polo pitch near Newbury.

Details of the current event programme can be obtained from the BSFA website

In Scotland hounds can try a less formal fun day lure coursing events. Check their website for further details