Brightside show

We’ve added the Brightside show we ran in 2020 to the shows pages, with photos of the main winners and full results.

Feedback on Breed Seminar

We’ve had great feedback on the seminar we ran in conjunction with the Southern Afghan Club;

Well done to both the AHA and the SAC for providing the opportunity for us all to learn more about the Afghan Hound by way of a very informative BAD and providing the MCE on-line.  Thoroughly enjoyed my experience and whilst the pandemic hasn’t made it easy for any of us, your training day gave us all a glimmer of hope for when things return to normal. You have clearly put in a lot of work to deliver this and I just wanted to say well done to all concerned.” (Attendee)

New website launched

We’ve been busy whilst the show scene has been quiet, and done some housekeeping to give the website a fresh look. Check back for regular updates as we publish more historic and archive content related to the breed