Racing Contacts in the UK

Racing Contacts in the UK Racing Contacts in the UK

South East Afghan Racing

Everyone and all breeds very welcome. Please do come along and give your dogs some fun.

Contact: Maria Niedzwiedz

tel. 0208 422 7756 / mobile 07850 841108 / email:

Venue: Clues Hill Farm, Bicester HP18 9UZ

Hi all Bicester Afghan Racers et al, I spoke to Jeff (Bicester track owner) the other day. He's had his knee done so he's walking without pain, but he's had a bad virus over the last few months and hasn't been well at all, he's still on antibiotics. The track has been closed over the winter and only reopened for the Greyhounds a fortnight ago. I am going to ring him again in a month or so and there is a good chance that we might be able to have 2/3 meetings over the summer when the weather, hopefully, improves and he's back to strength. In the meantime, if there is anyone who wants to give their dogs a run at the track, Jeff is happy to let them run after he's finished the Greyhounds at about 1pm on Sunday afternoons, BUT HE MUST HAVE PRIOR NOTICE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT JUST TURN UP. Please give him at least 24 hours notice, so he knows who's coming. Jeff's mobile number is 07850 375164. If anyone has a problem contacting him, don't hesitate to let me know. Happy racing folks
Maria Niedzwiedz

07850 841108