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Covid - 19 the way forward

Dear All

With regret the Afghan Hound Association Championship Show on the 2nd May 2020 has been cancelled. This follows the news that the government is urging everyone to stop non-essential travel, non-essential contact and isolation for vulnerable groups due to the corona virus pandemic, and is in line with the strong recommendations of the Kennel Club.

The committee have agreed that the championship show for 2020 should be cancelled, as it was considered this would be better than trying to rearrange for later in the year. The reason is potential difficulty of finding a suitable date and venue this year, when there is no clear end to the crisis.

Bob Parsons will contact those who have made a postal entry to arrange a refund of entry fees. Any entry which has been made on-line will receive a reduced refund which is due to the cost of administration from Fosse Data.

I hope you all stay well in these troubling times.

Best wishes

Claire Parker (AHA Secretary)



Afghan Hound Association is on Facebook

Susan writes: To all our members – the AHA have now opened a new Facebook page and we hope you will enjoy visiting it and finding association news and events. As anyone who knows me will realise, with my past record on Facebook, it took me a while to realise this had happened (gone live I think is the phrase), so apologies for the late arrival of this notice. Thank you to Richard who got me logged onto it and to those who are helping me understand it. For all those up-to-date members enjoy!



Dates for your Diary 2020

Saturday 21st March – AHA/SAC Breed Appreciation Day at Chieveley with speaker Jill Cross CANCELLED

Saturday 18th April - AGM and Event including Points of Dog and "Afghan vs Allcomers Challenge" CANCELLED

Saturday 2nd May - Championship Show at Staffordshire County Showground - Please note change of date and venue CANCELLED

Saturday 15th August – Back to Back Open Shows



About the Association

"The AHA is not quite as old as the breed in Britain but it has served the breed for longer than any other club.", wrote Ann Adams on her retirement as Secretary in 1984. Read more >>>



About the Afghan Hound breed

Afghan Hounds are sight hounds originating from Afghanistan, they hunt by sight. In the UK Afghan Hounds belong to the Hound Group, while under FCI rules they are placed in Group X (Sighthounds). They have distinctive characteristics and features which make them unique. Their instinct is to chase and catch anything that is running. In their native country they were used to hunt antelope and gazelle and even snow leopards. They have very good vision, strong jaws. They have lean muscular bodies, a deep chest to house their lungs, and long powerful legs. In their native country their thick coat protected them against extreme cold of the upper snow regions, but equally shielded them from the sun in the desert areas. Read more >>>